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We at Check Yer Head have long been repulsed at the direction our world has been heading. It has spun out of control, like a Tasmanian Devil on speed, obliterating everything in its path. To counter this, Check Yer Head was created to highlight and call out the rampant injustice, rife corruption, and general disgraceful behavior in the world today. We now live in a cynical existence, full of the selfish, all for one and not for anyone else individuals and organizations attempting to rule, influence, and control us. Our goal is to illuminate the misdeeds that are in full view and drag the truth out from under all the lies, deceptions, and misdirection perpetrated on us daily. 

We are no respecter of persons at Check Yer Head. There is no left or right, blue or red, conservative or liberal in these pages. If we think there is something worthy of some head checking, we will bring it to light. Our posts will be serious and humorous, and sometimes both. There will be days when you like us and days where you might not. Yet the goal will always be to post thoughts based on truth and common sense, no matter what way they end up leaning. So join us for some thoughtful discourse on the world today, participate, and be a citizen for a better world.

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