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So Are You Against Equality?

When it came to the players in various sports leagues kneeling during the national anthem, this site understood that it could be construed as being disrespectful to the flag and that a percentage of the U.S. population were very unhappy about it. That is their right to express that as much as it was the right of players to perform the protest. So naturally when players from both teams STOOD after the anthem for a moment of silence to highlight the wish for racial equality and show that they were all united as different races, they were booed. Now we are all for everyone in the U.S. having the right to express themselves at all times (barring those views that foster hate), but if those booing in Kansas City knew the players were having a moment of silence to highlight the continued wish for equality for all races, then fostering hate was the message the players received from you. Everyone should be for equality. We should all recognize that every life matters and that until we get to a point where that isn't even a topic of conversation, the battle is not over. Whether you like protests, silent or not, they do not appear to be going away. If you don't like them or don't agree with their message then don't go. Our guess is they don't want you there anyway.

Just Saying...

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