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We Want 2020 Back

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

With the dawn of each new year, hope springs eternal with the expectation that the current year will improve upon the last. We can only dream that 2021 will improve drastically from what we have been faced with in 2020. Check Yer Head thinks the only thing this world can agree on at this time is we would all like a mulligan, a redo, or a Groundhog Day version of this year where only the first day is the same.

This year will forever be remembered as the year of Covid-19, with the accompanying fear, uncertainty, chaos, economic implosion, and death that arrived with it. With each new day we thought that it couldn't get worse, until it did. What Covid brought besides the lost lives and suffering of people throughout the world, was the realization of the depths in which the world has collectively fallen over the past number of years. The common decency and respect for our fellow citizens throughout the globe seems to have eroded beyond repair.

This erosion is seen clearly in the Toxic political environment in many countries, most especially in the United States where each party doesn't appear to even attempt to work with each other. In fact, they seem to take delight in doing all they can to antagonize and look after their own interests. They all need to check their heads. As do these people below, in no particular order:

- Vladimir Putin for clearly attempting to kill the opposition leader recently.

- All politicians for any number of different things. Clearly you have to be inherently dishonest to be one.

- Police officers that can't seem to figure out how to make an arrest without killing someone and thereby initiating global protests and giving police in general a bad name.

- Rioters and looters whose actions invalidate their calls for reform and change.

- Those militia types whose elevators do not reach the top floor. A special shout out here to the 17 year old in Kenosha. If you did not want to get charged with murder, perhaps you should not have traveled from out of state with an assault weapon and engaged in a situation that had nothing to do with you.

- To the police that allowed that same 17 year old to walk past them straight down the middle of the street without so much as a question. We all know if it was a black man, he would have been shot or arrested or both.

- Racists in general. You have no place in society. As Anthrax once said, "Keep it in the Family."

- Anyone involved in Jeffrey Epstein and his muse not facing the music sooner. You all should get the same jail sentence Epstein should have got.

- The major news networks and associated puppet news hosts for forgetting what reporting on the news is all about. Most of you are doing it to some extent.

- China not being truthful about Covid-19. No way they are on the up and up on this.

- Those being dishonest about Covid-19 in any way, shape, or form for their own benefit.

- Donald Trump for...well, how much time you got?

If that list is not enough for us all to wish for a stint in a stasis chamber until it is all over, we don't know what is. But if you have more to add, feel free to note them in your posts. These are examples of the kinds of situations this site will be calling out on a regular basis, while keeping the injustice of various issues at the forefront of the public conscience. This is an invitation to join us in that endeavor and contribute to making sure we do not have a year like 2020 again.

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A 2020 Do Over? Yes please! Unfortunately I'm not sure a do over would turn out much different without massive change on humanity's part.

As in Groundhog Day everyday just kept playing out exactly the same with no alteration to any of the events that occurred. It wasn't until the main character finally decided to be the change he wanted to see, better himself and do good for others that people and the world around him become a better place. And as a direct result so did he.

Until humanity can really look at each other as members of one race with a common goal to make the world better for everyone, then the massive change we need will not…

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