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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

We were planning to lay off the supreme Trumpsicle for a while at the inception of Check Yer Head, but the President is just too easy a target, as he has shown again recently. In the past couple of days, a story has come out where Trump has supposedly called those who served in the military as losers and suckers. Now this is a he said, Trump said situation, in that there is nothing concrete tying the don to these statements, barring the recollections of a few aides and advisers. But if the past is any precedent, then this story is not such a stretch. It was Trump after all that once denigrated John McCain for being a prisoner of war, saying he preferred his heroes not to get caught. He also said, despite disparaging McCain in the past, that he has never called him a loser. Here is where it gets fuzzy, at least when it comes to the President’s memory. He has conveniently forgotten that Twitter and real video (2015 Family Leadership Summit) shows him clearly calling McCain a loser. So what is it? Is he lying or has he lost his mind? Perhaps it is because the amount of people he has insulted has grown so large he cannot distinguish between them anymore.

This inability to distinguish between two different people may explain the stunt he pulled the other day in Kenosha. Trump had reached out to Tom Graham, the owner of the recently burned down Rode’s Camera Shop, to see if Mr. Graham would accompany him as the President showcased his burned down business. Presumably to show the damage rioters and looters are doing in the city (more on them later). Tom declined, because as he put it, “I think everything he does turns into a circus, and I just didn’t want to be involved in it.” So naturally Donald Trump brought that circus to town by showing up with the former owner and speaking to him on camera as if he were the current one. For those keeping score at home, this is propaganda and supremely dishonest.

Speaking of dishonesty, this President is no stranger to it. Apparently in his speech he told over 20 false or misleading statements at the Republican National Convention last week, all documented, well, everywhere. Politifact provides a concise breakdown. As do many others. Now, we are not naïve here at Check Yer Head. We understand all politicians lie, and that this specific skill is a requisite deficiency needed to be a politician. However, this politician has taken lying to a whole new pathological level. At last count he has purportedly spewed over 20,000 lies since he has been in office. That is a running tally at just over 15 a day. It must be exhausting for someone to work that hard at trying to come up with that many fabrications. We know it is exhausting to hear them. Donald Trump will lie to you even when he knows that you know that he is lying. You can show him the video evidence or hold a reunion party for just him and his own tweets, and he will still say he did not say something. So, if there is anyone left out there that still wants to say he is an honest man, you need to check your head and ask yourselves has he ever told you the truth? The real truth is that videos of Trump himself speaking and @realDonaldTrump do not lie. Well, until they do.

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